Do you believe in God, or do you miss him?

The following tekst is from Adjiedj Bakas. It’s a part of his new book about the Future of Faith.

The new century is promising to be even more technology-driven than the last was; as a result, people are becoming increasingly insecure about where humanity is heading. In general, people think that a technological world will automatically be a cold and de-spiritualized one, but that is not necessarily the case. In one of the most technology-driven places on Earth, Silicon Valley, a young scientist told us: “I don’t believe in God anymore, but I do miss him. Within a couple of years computers will be smarter than humans. Within twenty years the first robot will win the Nobel Prize. Where will humanity end up, if all of this continues to expand?” During the twentieth century globalization transformed our world into one big global village. For some people, the cosmopolitans of the world, this is a great development that offers many opportunities. They are happy with the global society and its broad assortment of cultures, beliefs and religious expressions, content to pick whatever suits them. But there are also a lot of people who feel threatened by globalization. For them the world seems to have become too big, too obscure and too chaotic.

This spring I’ve visited Silicon Valley, and I do believe there are many people overthere who believe in God. Humanity will always win over technology. Don’t worry be happy!

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